Dart Game: Fun Youth Trip Game

A fun youth game that was introduced to me during my first year taking a large group on a youth conference trip.

5 years ago a college buddy introduced our group to the DART GAME.

The dart game has simple rules.



  1. 1 dart for the entire group.
  2. The dart is invisible and can only be shot at someone if eye contact is made.
  3. If you are shot by the dart you have to lay on the ground until someone pulls the dart out of your neck.
  4. Whoever took the dart is the new holder of the dart.

A few house rules that we invoke.

  1. Everyone plays.
  2. One dart per person per day.
  3. Dart isn’t used it is lost.

Check below for the images from people darted from all over the conference. Restaurants, elevators, middle of the coliseum, and even in the floor of the parking garage.

David and Katie Bowling
David and Katie BowlingYouth Pastors
David and Katie have been doing ministry together since 2011. David became the youth pastor at Fountain of Life Worship Center after being a member of the youth group all his teen years. Katie began helping David and after a few years they started dating which eventually led to their marriage on April 19, 2014. Both David and Katie are members of the worship team. David has played drums and really started playing at the church at a young age. Katie began playing piano at a young age and leads worship.

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