I like to take notes each night during service. People were asking so I decided that I would post them.

My notes are below.

2 Tim 1:1-7

No spirit of fear but of love and a sound mind
Genesis 2:7
“It’s in you”

We serve a God is holy but doesn’t mind to use something so dirty.

Dirt is the only substance useful for seeds and to plant.

That’s all that life is about… what did you do with what God gave to you?

God isn’t waiting to stir he is waiting for you to stir and water what he has already planted.

2 important days in your life. The day you were born and the day you find out why….

1. what do you like to do? Gifts are hidden in our passion

2. What would you do for free?

3. What do other people see in you? My job to see what is in them and help pull it out

4. What is something that comes easy to you but harder to other? What is the environment you were created to flow in?

5. What frustrates you? Sometimes your frustration is where you gifting in.

When you find your gift get ready for hell.
3 things after your gift

God, Enemy, other people
To much is given much is expected
Enemy steals your gift by having your gift be used for you.
When you get to use people’s gifts you get there dirt.

Your dirt causes our problems

We show our gift but hide our dirt.

He dirt is the real you.
How do you handle the weight of your gift and your dirt?

It all depends on whose hands you put it in.

God did great things and rekindled love with people. A few students got answers to why we are here and why does he love us.

Thanks for reading.

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David Bowling