I like to take notes during service and use them during a small group session we have where we cram 26 people into one room and talk about what awesomeness occurred during the night.

Tonight we had For King and Country, Lead Institute, John and Jocelyn Brockman, and Kevin Wallace bringing the word.

I took some notes and wanted to put them below for future reference and for any students who want to read them.

The culture of Gods people is honoring people.
2 Kings 6:14-

Do not fear for those who that are with us are more than with the enemy.

Do you see what I see?
As long as we only see with our natural eyes we will not see what God is doing.
God knows what the enemy is up to even when we don’t.
The attack you are facing is because of your threat.
Hell knows something about you, if you find out about yourself hell will have a nightmare.
There is an army surrounding that we cannot see.
We need people who have been there and done that to come back to this generation and tell them to DO NOT FEAR.
John 3:3 when someone is saved they can see the kingdom of God.
When we look through spiritual eyes we don’t see obstacles we see opportunities.
There is a lot of people who has written off this generation as a generation of death and dry bones but God has a plan.
Numbers 13
You show me your friends and I will show you your future.
You can’t run with chickens and expect to soar like an eagle.
When you look through natural eyes you will see the giants not the grapes.
Romans 8:31
Why is this big joker standing on my promise land.
10/12 said in Numbers 13 that they can’t do it and only two said they could.
10 people ruined it for millions
God gets us out of a comfortable bondage (patty cake Christianity) into an uncomfortable freedom.
Think Peter and walking on water.
The whole generation died in the wilderness from a lack of a vision.
Where there is no vision the people parish.
Joshua 6:2- See this land I have given Jericho into your hand, it’s king, and the mighty men of valor. SEE

Thanks for reading.

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David Bowling