Winterfest Worship

Winterfest Worship

For many years Fountain of Life Worship Center has attended Winterfest. From a young age Winterfest has been the year long highlight of mine. When I was a student I recount going to Winterfest and experiencing God for the first time. Many kids experience God for the first time or even receive salvation for the first time.


The worship at Winterfest is something that urges students to seek God stronger, Love God Deeper, and Worship God truer. Many of our students experienced God in a new way this year.

One student received the Baptism of the Holy Ghost with evidence of speaking in tongues, 3 students who have never participated in water baptism want to now, and many students went higher with God than ever before. Many students were refreshed as well as adults on this trip.

Thanks to the many people who had a part in making Winterfest happen on the International Board level. Thanks to the many people who made it possible for our students to attend. Your giving, your loving, and your support allows them to be changed and become kingdom builders. (Even if they are dirt bags 🙂  )

David Bowling

Youth Pastor

David and Katie Bowling
David and Katie BowlingYouth Pastors
David and Katie have been doing ministry together since 2011. David became the youth pastor at Fountain of Life Worship Center after being a member of the youth group all his teen years. Katie began helping David and after a few years they started dating which eventually led to their marriage on April 19, 2014. Both David and Katie are members of the worship team. David has played drums and really started playing at the church at a young age. Katie began playing piano at a young age and leads worship.

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